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Interview progress bar

What is the interview progress bar?

The interview progress bar reflects stages of the interview process: 

On Hired, these include Introduced, Interviewing, Final Offer, and Hired. 

When does the interview progress bar appear?

The interview progress bar appears after you accept an interview request. It will appear at the top of the interview process itself. By default, the progress bar starts at the Introduced stage. 

What does each stage mean/when do they change?

Introduced means you have accepted the interview request, but no interview has been scheduled. Interviewing means at least one interview has been scheduled and/or already occurred. Final Offer means the company has extended you an offer but a decision has yet to be reached.  Hired means you have accepted an offer from the company. 

Can I update the stages on my own?

For Interviewing and Final Offer, no - you cannot move the progress bar to these stages. The bar will  move to Interviewing automatically when an interview is scheduled on your Hired Calendar or in the company's ATS. The bar will move to Final Offer automatically per the actions of the company.

For Hired, yes - you can move the progress bar to this stage. You should only do so after communicating to the company and your Hired representative that you are accepting the offer. When you select Hired, the following landing page will open:


Please complete all fields before pressing Submit. By default, the Signing Date and Start Date reflect today's date. So, be sure to update these fields with accurate information so our records are correct.

Be advised that moving an interview process to the Hired stage will close out your other open interview processes on Hired. Do not move a process to the Hired stage if you have not accepted an offer.

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