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How to attract interview requests on Hired

Our data shows that candidates with a robust profile receive more interview requests. A great profile details your work experience, lists your technical skills, and describes what you are looking to do next. Visit how to create a stellar profile for more details! 

For an in-depth discussion on market positioning on Hired, please watch the following on-demand webinar discussion on how to attract interview requests on Hired.

How many interview requests should I expect?

The companies with open jobs on Hired search the platform for candidates with the right technical skills, and then reach out directly to candidates. As a result, the number of interview requests a candidate receives on our platform is largely dependent on our current employer demand. It is worth investing time in building out your Hired profile

You may also benefit from understanding how to manage interview requests on Hired to ensure forward momentum in your search.

What if I'm not ready for an interview?

Our partner Exponent will welcome you in the online tech community where you can find interview prep courses, career coaching, and peer-to-peer support. Exponent offers comprehensive career prep for roles in tech, like PM, PMM, SWE, TPM, and more. Start prepping today!

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