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Can I apply to jobs through Hired?

The great part about Hired is that you don’t have to actually apply to jobs, rather, companies apply to you. By creating your profile or ‘applying’ to be promoted on our marketplace, we’re able to match you to relevant opportunities based on your skill-sets and interests and companies will reach out to you directly with interview requests.

Why can't I see the sample position that led me to your site?

Any examples on the site regarding roles or companies are not active listings, rather, they are examples of the types of roles available on Hired. If you wish to be considered for similar roles, the next best step would be to sign up if you haven’t already done so, or update your Hired profile as needed. Our matching algorithm will then analyze your profile, determine if your skill-set is a match, and approve/reject to be promoted on our marketplace for employers to send you interviews. We do recommend scanning the top skills in these sample job descriptions to help you position your profile better. 

Why can’t I see which companies are hiring?

Hired is an active marketplace where companies change constantly based on the positions they have available so no formal list is made available. Additionally, we keep our clients' as well as candidates' information confidential so this is not readily available to the public. Lastly, we want to save you time in your job search by only matching you with companies relevant to you. When a company is able to reach out, our system shows that you and their offered position is a good fit allowing you more exposure to more relevant companies than going off of the company’s listing as with a job board. 

What types of employers are on Hired?

Nowadays, every company is a tech company. As such, we have clients across geographies and industries from small start-ups to large enterprises, all gearing up to build the future of work. Predominantly, Hired has built great partnerships with key players in the e-commerce space, fin-tech, entertainment, gaming, transportation, education and other fields. If a company leverages technology, chances are they may be on Hired. You can add your preferred industries in your Preferences section and position your profile to attract opportunities in line with your interests. We suggest you keep an open mind as other factors like the team, compensation and projects you are assigned may be worth considering irrespective of industry or company size. Be ready to share any experience you may have had working at a start-up or larger company based on where you are interviewing. Previous experience can be of value or lack thereof can be reframed as a reason for wanting to learn in a new environment. 

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