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Assessments (candidate FAQ)

These FAQ pertain to the built-in assessments on a candidate's profile (i.e. assessments that can be taken at will to showcase technical skills upfront). 

Why should I take an assessment?

Candidates who have earned an assessment badge are twice as likely to be hired compared to those who haven't. Assessments can help you stand out from the competition and give potential employers a sneak peek into your expertise. 

Who will see my results and what do they see?

When you earn your badge, companies on our platform will automatically see it on your profile. If you don't earn a badge, only companies who you decide to share your results with will see them.

Employers can see the assessment badge, a playback of your code, the time it took you, which test cases you passed, and your total score for each section. Not all employers will see all aspects of your results.

How many times can I take an assessment and in what time period?

Each type of assessment can be taken up to 3 times. You have 72 hours (3 days) from the time you have started an assessment, and each assessment has its own timer. If you're happy with your first or second try you can release your results early. If your best results have earned you a badge we encourage you to release your results right away so the badge can be shown on your profile. When the 72 hours expires, if you have earned a badge but you have not released your results, we will automatically do it for you.

When can I take an assessment?

We recommend taking the assessment early in your promotion period to maximize the benefits of achieving a qualifying result; however, assessments can be taken at any time and they are optional.

How should I prepare for an assessment?

If you want to brush up on your skills prior to the assessment, check out our Partner Educative. Educative offers technical interview practice, so you can learn in-demand tech skills in half the time. Start a course today, then be sure to showcase your new skills through a Hired assessment. 

Keep in mind that for any assessment, you can take a sample ahead of time using any of your legitimate attempts to preview the kinds of questions asked and the IDE.

Which assessment should I take and what language should I take an assessment in?

We recommend taking the assessment and using the language that best matches your role and primary area of expertise to help corroborate the skills on your profile.You can take more than one assessment type if you'd like and use more than one language.

Please note that employers can only request the Programming Skills Assessment. If you accept the invitation to take this assessment, employers will be notified when you release your results.

Will I get to skip stages in the interview process if I take an assessment?

Each company on our platform manages their own interview process, so we can't promise that you’ll be able to skip steps. However, certain employers may feel comfortable moving candidates more quickly through the interview process if they have already demonstrated their programming skills by taking an assessment.

What browser types are supported when taking an assessment?

At this time, only the most recent versions of Chrome and Firefox are supported. Using other browser types to take an assessment may result in technical difficulties. 

What types of questions should I expect to see on an assessment?

Assessments can be made up of coding, multiple choice, and/or free response questions. Before you start the assessment, you will see an overview of the types of questions that will be asked, the number of questions, and the time allotted for the assessment. What more, you can take a sample of the assessment to test out the type of questions that will be asked.

Can I use my own IDE?

We know that you may prefer to use a different IDE that the one we provide. While we understand that having your custom macros or other tools at your disposal may help you be more efficient, copying and pasting from your own environment means that employers cannot view a playback of your process and may not be able to fully assess your skills. Therefore, we recommend not leaving the session once started and working exclusively in the IDE provided.

How can I familiarize myself with the IDE?

You will have the option to take a sample before taking the assessment itself. You may take the sample as many times as desired and it will familiarize you with the environment and the kinds of questions that can be asked during the actual assessment.

Will employers be able to see that I've taken an assessment multiple times?

No, we do not share the number of times you took an assessment. If you earn a badge, only your highest scoring attempt will be available on your profile. If you didn't earn a badge, only companies who invited you to take an assessment and who you decide to share your results with will see your highest scoring attempt.

Where are the test cases?

The test cases for your assessment do not appear automatically. Rather, you must first select Run. Find the Run button in the top left corner of the environment and select.

How did I score 0% after submitting my code when my code was correct?

In order to make test cases appear, you must select Run in the top left corner of the environment. If you do not, you never see the test cases you are graded against.

I passed all the test cases why running my code. Why didn't I score 100%?

On each run, the test suite runs a random subset from a larger group of tests. It's possible to pass all of the randomly selected tests during a test run in the IDE, but then fail different randomly selected tests on submission. It's also possible that while your solution is logically correct, it's inefficient enough to run into the execution time limit allotted for that test.

How do I get to the second coding question if the assessment has two?

At the top of the coding environment, you will see two tabs. The first says Question 1 and the second says Question 2. Be sure to toggle to the second tab to work on Question 2.

What should I do if there is a mistake in a question on my assessment?

Contact to let us know. Our engineers can correct the question itself and we can reset your window so you can retake the assessment after the mistake is corrected.

Does Hired accommodate for disability?

We can provide reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities when taking our assessments. If you require accommodations, reach out to Hired Support at and include which assessments you intend to take in your message. 

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