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Ask Me Anything

What is the "Ask Me Anything" section of my profile? 

Ask Me Anything is a space that allows Hired companies to ask you questions before committing to sending you an interview request. These may range from requesting your password for your portfolio to asking why you chose to leave your last role, etc.

How do I know which company asked the question?

Hired companies can ask these questions anonymously. Therefore, it is not possible to know which company asked the question unless they specifically state their name or follow up with an interview request. 

Who can see my answer if I respond?

Your response is posted to your Hired profile, so any Hired company who views your profile can see the question and your answer.

Can I edit or delete my response?

You cannot edit your response after you click Reply, so be sure to proofread. If you need to make a correction or delete, please contact

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