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Why am I being asked to share my signing details?

If you sign with a Hired company, congrats! We will follow up to request your signing details as mentioned in the Terms Of Service presented to you during onboarding. We ask all placed candidates for these details. Our companies are also aware that we require this information.

Can't you get these details from the company that hired me?

We like to get these details from both sides. Not only does this help us empower our candidates by keeping our companies accountable, it also helps us improve our marketplace overtime.

What do you use my signing details for?

Your details are not displayed anywhere. They are confidential. While this data is used to keep our records up to date, we also aggregate this data for various Hired tools that benefit candidates. Our Salary Calculator tool, for example, may help you and your peers in your industry with market positioning. Additionally, our annual State of Tech Salaries Report makes use of this data.


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