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What skill-sets does Hired offer?

At present, our companies use Hired to fill software engineering, engineering management, developer operations (devops), design, product management, data analytics, quality assurance (QA), and sales roles. If your skill-set falls outside of this list, we will be unable to get you traction. 

Keep an eye on the Hired main page Roles section. We are constantly expanding to new verticals. If we see increased demand for your skill-set, it will be added.

The Other category 

The Other category is meant to indicate a skill-set that falls outside of those offered on Hired rather than a role that encompasses multiple skills.

If you have experience and interest in one of the offered skill-sets, select that instead. If your skill-set is not listed, hold off on Hired for now. Keep an eye on the Hired main page Roles section. If we expand to include your skill-set, it will be added there. 

You offer my skill-set. I still didn't receive invite.

Hired is a curated marketplace which caters to the needs of its companies. As a result, certain skill-sets, like software engineering, are in constant demand while others like product management, data analytics, and sales fluctuate. If you are not a software engineer yet possess one of the other selectable options and still did not receive invite, it's likely we're seeing lesser demand for your skill-set currently.

This is subject to change. Resubmit your profile a little further down the road in, say, 2-3 months. We may see a flux in demand for your skill-set by that time.

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