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Years of experience

How many years of experience do I need to go live?

Hired is a curated marketplace which caters to the needs of its companies. As a result, some experience levels are in high demand while others are not. 

Generally speaking, our companies prefer candidates with 2+ years full-time experience already holding the title they seek. This means we don't see many entry-level roles.

If you fall under 2 years full-time experience, we still encourage you to keep your profile up to date with new full-time experience as it presents itself to you as it may be possible to go live down the road after you surpass that 2 year threshold.

Is it possible to be too experienced to go live?

It's rare, but it is possible. Again, we cater to the needs of our companies and we see them list more mid-level roles than senior-level roles. Therefore, we tend to see more companies looking to fill roles with those of 2-10 years experience than 10-15 or 15+.

Still, this is rare. It's more likely your profile will still go live. However, be advised that interview requests may be fewer and farther between due to lesser demand.

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