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How to block companies

Can I hide my profile from my current or other companies?

Yes. A Hired profile is automatically hidden from your current employer (provided you indicate they are your current employer in your Work Experience section) should they have a Hired account. As we are a closed, curated marketplace, your profile is never visible to companies that do not use Hired.

You may also take advantage of the Blocked Companies feature (Settings>Blocked Companies) to hide from other companies. Search a company name. If they appear in the dropdown, select to block. If they don’t appear, they’re not on Hired and you are safe from their viewing regardless.

Can I preemptively block companies that's not on Hired?

Not at this time. However, rest assured the odds of a company onboarding Hired, creating a position you match for, and then viewing your profile during the time your profile is live on the platform are extremely low. 

If you are concerned, visit your Settings>Blocked Companies periodically while your profile is live. If the company has onboarded Hired since you last checked, their name will appear in the dropdown and you can select to block.

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