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Candidate Migration FAQ

How does Hired work?

Hired matches you with compelling opportunities at the world’s most innovative companies. Like Vettery, on Hired, companies apply to you. Claim your new and improved profile on Hired here! Check out more on how it works. Here are some tips and tricks to make your profile the best on Hired!

What parts of my profile do I need to fill out to go live on Hired?

We have prefilled information on your Hired profile. Please review your information to make sure it is up to date and accurate as well as adding these few extra fields to ensure you get the best matches possible: 

  • Rank your skills

  • Salary preference

  • Work authorization

If I am live on Vettery, will I automatically go live on Hired?

There is different demand for roles, locations, and skills on Hired than Vettery. We want to make sure there is demand for your skill set so be sure to submit your profile on Hired. Once submitted, we will match you with opportunities you’d be interested in.

What if I already have a Hired profile?

You’re good to go! Visit to login to your existing profile and update any information and preferences that might be out of date so we can match you with the best possible opportunities.

What types of companies use Hired?

Like you, our current employers are joining us on Hired as well, giving you access to an increased number of opportunities and exposure. Hired partners with a range of companies in numerous industries, from startups to larger, enterprise companies. Feel free to preview some of the companies that use Hired to find top talent.

Is it still free?

Yes! Hired is completely free for all job seekers.

Will any new features be available to me on Hired? 

You can expect a similar set of features as you found on Vettery with access to more employers. For technology-focused candidates, you can now take Hired Assessments to showcase your technical skills. Also, check out Hired’s Salary Calculator and Tech Career Insights

When should I expect to receive new interview requests?

Once you claim your profile and are approved, you will be visible to employers on Hired. March 24th, 2021 is the last day that you may receive new interview requests on Vettery.

I have open interview processes on Vettery, what do I do?

Complete your interview processes as you normally would on Vettery. Whether the process ends in your being hired or not, the interview process will be finished on Vettery. Claiming your profile on Hired will not close any current processes you have on Vettery. 

What’s happening to my information on Vettery?

Vettery will officially sunset on May 24th, 2021. You can always request a deletion of your data by emailing

I thought Sales candidates are not supported on Hired? 

We’re excited to announce that since Hired and Vettery are joining forces, we are expanding Sales across all regions on Hired.

I’m a Finance candidate on Vettery, what should I do?

Although Hired does not support all Finance roles, we encourage you to still apply to Hired and select “Other” as your primary Role. Stay tuned - we’re always expanding to new roles and geographies!

Will I still have access to my Candidate Experience Specialist?

The Talent Success Managers on Hired will be there to support you through your interview processes with companies! Check out this article to help you get started and you can always reach out to if you need help filling out your profile or have any additional questions.

How long will my Hired profile be promoted to employers?

Once your Hired profile goes live, it will be promoted to companies on our platform for ten weeks. But you can always resubmit your profile after the ten weeks if you are still looking for the perfect role! Even if your profile is not being actively promoted, our team of Talent Success Managers go through our database regularly and may make a custom match that you will receive by email. 

Do I have to create a new password? 

Yes, you will need to create a new password. You can do this by visiting and entering the same email you used on Vettery.

What will happen to my profile after May 24th?

The Vettery platform will automatically redirect you to Keep in mind that your profile will exist on Hired to make it an easy transition to Hired whenever you are ready.

I came to Vettery through my General Assembly Immersive Program, do I need to do anything special for my Hired profile? 

If you're new to Hired, you can claim your new and improved profile on Hired here! Be sure to double check that "General Assembly Immersive Program" is showing up in your work history.

If you've previously made a Hired profile, go to your account and add General Assembly Immersive Program to your work history (just like you did on Vettery) and resubmit your profile. This lets our system know you are affiliated with GA.

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