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Pause and unpausing

How do I pause my profile or stop receiving new interview requests?

Visit your Profile tab and click the third pencil icon from the top. In the dropdown, you will see the question "Where are you in your job search?" Change your answer to Not open to considering new opportunities:

Save. We will then stop suggesting your profile to new companies for the time being. However, you will still be able to speak with companies who have already reached out.

How do I unpause my profile? 

Visit your Profile tab. In the top right corner of the page, find the option to Resubmit and select. Our curation team will check out your profile and get back to you shortly.

Why did you pause my profile/how do I unpause it?

A jobseeker’s profile promotion may be paused when new interview requests go unanswered for some time. You will be unpaused automatically when you respond to all outstanding requests.

Why is my profile no longer live on Hired?

A Hired batch lasts 10 weeks. After your batch ends, your profile switches back to private. You will have the option to go live again, however, after a downtime of 1 week. Simply return to your Home page after that downtime and you will see the option to resubmit.

What happens when my batch ends?

After your batch ends, your profile once again becomes private. 

That said, if you did not find what you were looking for while your profile was live, you will have the option to go live again in another batch. Simply return to your Home page after the required downtime of 1 week and you will see the option to resubmit appear.


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