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What is a batch?

A Hired batch (how long your profile is ‘live’ or visible to employers on the platform) lasts 10 weeks. After your batch ends, your profile switches back to private; only visible to employers you are already chatting with. 

You will have the option to go live again, however, after a downtime of 1 week. We do this to replenish our marketplace with more relevant opportunities and give you time to focus on your existing interviews. Simply return to your Home page after that downtime and you will see the option to resubmit your profile should you wish to try us again for new matching positions.

How long is my Hired profile visible to employers?

Your profile is visible to employers for a 10 week period. After this time, you can continue to interview with employers you’ve already connected with, but your profile won’t be visible to new companies. This allows the marketplace to refresh and for new opportunities to be added to the platform. It also gives you time to catch up on your interviews, take a breather or spend time practicing for the next round of interviews. 

How and when can I resubmit my Profile?

You can resubmit your profile to be promoted after a 1 week waiting period. You can add a reminder to resubmit your profile from your homepage and you can make updates as needed to improve your chances of attracting interview requests. 

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