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How to manage your interviews

An interview request is sent by a company when they feel you may be a great fit for their position

Receiving an interview request

When you receive an interview request, you’ll get an email to log in and review the offer from your “Interviews” tab.

Research the company and offer

First, you should decide whether you’d like to accept or decline the interview request. You can do some research on the company, position, and offer to see if you’d like to have an initial interview. When you click on the “Review request” button, you’ll see the full details of the company’s offer, including:

  • Company details (size, location, tech stack, culture)

  • Offer details (salary and sometimes additional perks)

  • Personal note from the company (introducing themself to you)

Remember that this initial offer is not set in stone - you can negotiate later in the interview process once you have a better understanding of the role. 

Response times

Most companies appreciate a response within 48 hours. You can earn a “fast responder” badge on your profile by keeping your average response time under 48 hours. A response can either be to accept or decline interview requests - both count towards your average response time. This badge is shown to any company viewing your profile.

The average response time is only calculated from the past 30 days of activity.

After 14 days, an interview request is automatically declined so companies can continue looking for the right candidate.

Accept an interview request

If you’re interested in an initial interview with the company, you can accept the interview request with a short note back to the interviewer.

We encourage you to accept interview requests even if you may not feel it’s a perfect fit at first. Many candidates have found amazing teams and jobs they love simply by striking up an initial conversation, which is only 15-30 minutes on average.

Schedule your interview

After accepting an interview request, the company will review your Hired Calendar to book a time for your interview. You should expect to hear back within 24-48 hours. Be sure to keep your calendar up-to-date so scheduling is fast and easy for employers to have a view of your available time slots. As there is currently no calendar integration feature, we recommend cross-referencing and manually updating on a weekly basis.

From there, your interviews will move forward as a typical interview process would - phone calls, video chats, and on-sites with the team to determine if there’s a good fit for both you and the company.

Occasionally, after accepting an interview request you may not hear back from the company immediately. Here are some tips for following up on the process.

Decline an interview request

Sometimes the offer or position doesn’t seem like a good fit. In this case, you should decline the interview request to save yourself and the company time. There’s no negative impact on your profile for declining interview requests.

Likewise, at any point after accepting an interview request, you can end the process and notify the company that you’re not interested in moving forward by navigating to the “Interviews” tab, clicking on the corresponding company, and clicking the “End interview process” button.

After declining or ending an interview process, the interview will still be accessible in your “Interviews” tab by selecting the “Show ended interviews” checkbox. If you wish to re-open an ended interview, please reach out to

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