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How Hired works

Hired is not a job board, it is a marketplace for tech and sales talent and employers

Hired’s primary goal is to find you a job you’ll love. In addition to this goal, we have resources to help you get there such as helpful articles in the Hired blog on interview tips as well as technical assessments to help you prove your skills, and showcase your badge and scores to employers who will interview you (and make job offers), at a higher rate. Hired also acts as a valuable source of information when it comes to national hiring trends and changes in salary within the markets we operate in. This information comes in the form of reports that can be found here.

Hired is a two-sided marketplace for the world's tech workers. Currently, our platform matches software engineers, product managers, data scientists, and designers with employers in the cities where they want to work. Hired offers both permanent and contract roles.

How Hired remains free for candidates

Hired is free and does not take a cut of your salary. Hired is paid for by employers looking for top tech and sales talent such as yourself. Our thousands of employers understand the value of your skills and the high level of quality Hired looks for in candidates, and as such are willing to pay a premium to find you. When you sign up, Hired uses intelligent matching algorithms to quickly match you with the perfect companies and role, which employers cannot do on their own.

Our clients are employers with open tech and sales positions 

As a marketplace, our thousands of employers and open tech and sales positions fluctuate on a daily basis. Additionally, we value our employer’s privacy the same way we value yours. To learn more about our employers and positions simply finish your Hired profile and companies will apply to you should there be a match. We have employers of all industries, types, sizes, and funding, from the main Fortune 500 companies to exciting new start-ups. Your profile will always be hidden from your current employer so be assured you are in a safe space.

Hired maintains a dynamic marketplace through profile curation

When your profile goes live or is visible on the platform, it becomes searchable by companies looking to fill their open roles. This means companies will be able to view your profile and send you interview requests if they believe you’re a good fit for their position. Interview requests will be sent to your email, and you’ll also have access to them when you log into While your profile is live, we ask that you respond to your interview requests within 24-48 hours. You can learn more about managing your interview requests here. 

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