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Most commonly asked questions

Why didn't I receive an invite to go live on Hired?

Hired is a curated marketplace that matches candidates with our employers' open positions. If you didn't receive an invite to go live on Hired, unfortunately we don't have enough opportunities right now to ensure that you will have a successful experience with us. We are constantly growing our demand as we onboard new employers, and we welcome you to resubmit your profile in a few months' time.

At what point in my job search should I sign up for Hired?

You may create your Hired profile at any time. Please specify during the sign up process when you would like your profile to become visible to the employers on our platform. Because the employers who use Hired are looking to fill their open positions as soon as possible, we recommend that you select a date for your profile to be visible to the employers on Hired that falls about one month before your preferred job start date. 

How many people who apply to use Hired are invited to the platform?

Hired currently has an invitation rate of 5% for all job seekers who submit their profile for review. 

How long does it take to get hired through the platform?

The interview and hiring processes differ for each of the employers on our platform. However, for full time roles, the average time to hire after an initial interview is 20 days. For contract roles, the average time to hire is 10 days after an initial interview. 

Do you have remote roles?

Sometimes. Our companies tend to list fewer remote roles than onsite. If you are interested in remote, you will see better results if you list that you are open to remote in addition to working onsite for this reason (as opposed to specifying a preference for remote only).

Do I have to list my graduation year?

No. Though you cannot leave this field blank, you do have the option to select either “Did not graduate” or “Decline to specify”.

Where can I upload my resume (did not add during onboarding)?

Visit your Profile tab and select the fourth pencil icon from the top. In the dropdown that appears, upload your resume/CV. Be sure to save via the bottom of the same dropdown after uploading completes.

How do I pause my profile or stop receiving new interview requests?

Select Settings>Account Management. Find the Stop visibility/promotion option and select. You only need to select it once (do not select Deactivate) and your profile will switch back to private.

How do I resubmit my profile? 

Visit your Profile tab and make any desired changes. Then, scroll to the bottom of the same page and select Resubmit. Our curation team will check out your profile and get back to you shortly.

How do I delay my profile promotion period?                           

If your profile has yet to go live, visit the top of your Home page and you will see the option to postpone. If your profile is currently live, contact with your preferred date.

Can I hide my profile from my current or other companies?

A Hired profile is automatically hidden from your current employer (provided you indicate they are your current employer in your Work History section) should they have a Hired account. As we are a closed, curated marketplace, your profile is never visible to companies not on Hired.
You may also take advantage of the Blocked Companies feature (Settings>Blocked Companies) to hide from other companies. Search for a company name. If they appear in the dropdown, select to block. If they don’t appear, they’re not on Hired and you are safe from their viewing regardless.

How do I GDPR style delete my profile?

Log in and select Settings>Account Management. Scroll down to find the Account Deletion dropdown and select. Input reasoning for your decision to delete and select Delete. Confirm. 

Why did you pause my profile/how do I unpause it?

A jobseeker’s profile promotion is paused when new interview requests go unanswered for some time. You will be unpaused automatically when you respond to all outstanding requests.

Can I update my desired salary after I submit my profile?

Yes. You can update your desired salary at any time by visiting your Profile tab and selecting the second pencil icon from the top. Be sure to save your changes at the bottom of the dropdown.

Why is my profile no longer live on Hired?

A Hired batch (live window) lasts 10 weeks. After your batch ends, your profile switches back to private. You will have the option to go live again, however, after a downtime of 3 weeks. Simply return to your Home page after that downtime and you will see the option to resubmit.

What happens when my batch ends?

Please review the following article on your 10 week promotion periodand how to pause or unpause your profile.

Why can’t I login to my profile?

It’s likely your password is incorrect. Visit the login page and select the “Don’t know your password?” hyperlink to request a password reset using the email associated with your profile.

Why can't I reset my password?

It’s likely the password token expired or a browser extension (like uBlock) is causing the issue.
Request a second password reset. Watch for the email right away. Be sure to check Spam. Then, use the link you receive ASAP as they tend to expire very quickly. Change to your liking.
If you are using Safari, turn off any extensions before trying again. Or, if you have access to a non-Safari browser like Chrome or Firefox, opt to use such an alternative.
If you have further difficulty, take a screenshot of the error and relay to

I have two Hired profiles, how do I merge them?

Please contact and our team will manage your request.

Can I log in with two email addresses?

A Hired profile can only be associated with one email address at any given time. If you need to change the email associated with your profile, visit Settings>Log in credentials.

Why can't I change my selected skill-set/career track?

You are unable to change your desired role while your profile is live because your profile was approved on the basis of the role you originally selected. If you want to change your desired role, your profile first needs to switch back to private no longer 'live' on the platform.
Select Settings>Account Management. Scroll down to find the Stop visibility/promotion option and select. Your profile will switch back to private. Then, select Profile and scroll down to find the Experience & Roles section. Switch to your preferred role and Save. Be sure to add any work experience relevant to your new role under Work History and Save as well.
After you make these changes, return to your Home page and resubmit your profile. Our curation team will check out your profile, weigh it against our demand for your newly selected role, and get back to you with a response shortly.

Can I select two skill-sets at once?

On Hired, you may only select one desired role at a time - i.e. software engineering or product management, but not both. Then, tailor your profile accordingly.
Naturally, you may change your desired role down the road if you so choose.

How do I refer a friend? 

Visit your Invite tab and you will see the option to either copy/paste your referral link to share with your colleague via text and direct message or to input their name and email address and send your referral link via email.
Please keep in mind, your colleague must sign up through the link you share to ensure credit.

My interview moved from Active to Archived. Why can’t I reopen it?

If an interview has moved from Active to Archived and you do not see an option to reopen, the company has decided not to move forward with you in their interview process. You may leave a message for the company via the Conversation to express ongoing interest or thanks if you like. As the interview has been closed, however, the company may or may not respond.

Can I take practice assessments through Hired? 

Yes. For any assessment type, there is an available sample. Simply click on the assessment and, from the landing page, select Try a Sample to take the practice as many times as desired.

How do I know if I'm eligible to take a Hired Assessment? 

The assessment is available to approved software engineering and engineering management candidates only. For such candidates, access via the Assessments tab of your profile.

Why aren't the results of my assessment displaying?

There may on occasion be a slight delay in displaying your score. However, should more than an hour pass and you do not have the option to release your score, contact

Why do I receive a 404 error when taking my assessment?

More often than not, your browser type is the issue. At this time, only larger browser types like Chrome and Firefox are supported for the assessment. Smaller browser types like Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer are not supported and will indeed engender a 404 error.

I passed all the test cases when running my code. Why wasn't my assessment scored 100%?

On each run, the test suite runs a random subset from a larger group of tests. It's possible to pass all of the randomly selected tests during a test run in the IDE, but then fail different randomly selected tests on submission.
It's also possible that while your solution is logically correct, it's inefficient enough to run into the execution time limit allotted for that test.

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