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Rewards and referrals on Hired

How do I refer a friend to join Hired? 

To invite your network to use Hired please visit Here you will be able to access your unique referral code, or invite contacts directly. Referrals must sign up with your unique referral link, and must be new to Hired.

How do I track my referral rewards? 

You will be notified via email when your friends sign up for Hired using your personal referral link. After that you can track your referral progress here: If your referral goes on to take a job through Hired, we will also notify you via email with next steps on claiming your referral bonus. Please note referral bonuses are paid out two weeks following your referral’s job start date. 

Do I receive a gift if I find a job through Hired? 

Candidates who find a job through Hired are eligible for points to redeem on Hired Rewards. In order to access your Hired Rewards points you will need to provide the signing details for your new position. 

How do Hired Rewards work?

After providing the necessary information on your new position you will receive 100 points to use on Hired rewards. These points may be redeemed for a gift of your choice, or donated to one of the charitable organizations we partner with. 

Where is my code for the Hired Rewards Store? 

Expect to see your points for Hired rewards sent via email within one week of providing your signing details. If you don’t see your points arrive within this timeframe please contact

Why am I being asked to share my signing details to claim my Hired Rewards?

Got hired? We'd love to know and help you celebrate!  Your signing details are used for our internal record keeping and stay completely confidential. Companies we work with are aware that these details are required after making a hire through Hired. We aggregate salary data to provide market insights in our salary calculator to help you and peers in your industry with market positioning. 

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